Leadership Summer School

Leadership Summer School (LSS) idea arose in 2006 and was initiated by a a team of people wanted to create a Leadership training event that would share the best practices about Organisational management and Leadership. 

The main purposes of the event are to:
1. Improve their leadership capabilities of prominent members of participating organisations;
2. Create and impart a framework and environment for each participant to implement in his/her organization to network and uncover possible new orbetter ways of cooperation
3. Enrich the skills of the trainers, by designing and delivering materials together with trainers from different organisations and backgrounds.
4. Build a strong and global network of energetic leaders who strive to spark social change

With the help of a fantastic team, for which they deserve full credit, we shared an incredible achievement! In July 2008, in Ankara, we were able to organise our first Leadership Summerschool. It was there that we had for the first time brought international students from all over the world together, to learn, train, share and exchange experiences from each other on such a multi-layered manner.

Participants tend to become the future leaders of their organisations, learning the very skills they need to advocate their student rights and pay forward the message that their organisation represents.

Trainers comes from diverse backgrounds and various path of life; they can be students, young professionals, free lancers or already working for an organisation or company. One line of the event is that Trainers share resources on topics related to Leadership and exchange best practices and their different styles of Training delivery.

Since the idea appeared, we’ve had the following editions:

– Ankara, Turkey, in 2008,
– Split, Croatia, in 2009,
– Ljubljana, Slovenia, in 2010
– Cluj-Napoca, Romania, in 2011
– Budapest, Hungary, in 2012
– Sofia, Bulgaria, in 2013
– Istanbul, Turkey, in 2014
– Maribor, Slovenia, in 2015
– …

From the moment we held the first LSS, we achieved something not done before within the European field of student organisations. We broke the barriers separating different students from different studies. Nowadays, there are several spin-off projects of all kinds which are creating synergies and developing an incredible platform for collaboration, sharing and innovation.

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  • paulderoos
    June 9, 2011

    Excellent summary of the project!

    Another spin off to this project is the international Parkinson’s Disease Summer School for healthcare students. On Teamwork in Healthcare, innovation in education, and creativity in academic research.

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