Youth Trainers Academy, a European Train-the-Trainer initiative

Youth Trainers’ Academy is a training program aiming at developing Youth individuals having experience from their implication into Students NGO on European level into Soft-skills Trainers. Having trans-organisational experiences and contacts, these future trainers are meant to actively reinforce their NGOs Training Systems.

This initiative comes from the collaboration with EESTEC Ljubljana, EESTEC is a non political, non-profit organisation of and for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science students of universities, institutes and technical schools in Europe awarding an engineering degree. The event was organised late November 2011 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, for 16 young leaders.

In order to ensure the success of this event and create the a new generation of youth trainers, the following trainers gathered to collaborate and share their experiences:
Ruta Zeromskyte, EFPSA Trainer
– Luka Lacan, EESTEC Trainer
Katarina Veselko, EFPSA Trainer
Herve Tunga, BEST/Zerogeneration Trainer
– Borut Ceh, EESTEC/Zerogeneration Trainer

The personal investment of this new generation is currently followed up at the beginning of their career. The Charlies, as they call themselves, are ready to provide their input into the Non Formal Education world!

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